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7118 - Rooting : Rooting Needles Ultra micro rooting 46

Special fine 46 gauge 1-barb needles for the experienced reborner - 10 Pieces

Article code: 7118

Rooting Needles Ultra Micro Rooting

High quality Ultra fine 46 gauge 1-barb needles for the experienced reborner.

These 46 gauge 1-barb needles are perfect for the experienced reborner. They are extra fine which makes it possible to root mohair with even smaller rooting holes. Effective micro rooting requires a high quality needle that will grab only a few hairs at a time. These needles are the best 46 gauge 1-barb size out there and are perfect for high quality micro rooting with the smallest rooting holes. 

available in:
  • Standard
  • Cut
  • 10 pices


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