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6230 - Eyes : Halfround massive Glass Eyes Antik-Grau - Not available

Mouth-blown glass eyes from one of the best glass manufacturers in Lauscha.

Article code: AW6230

Massive halfround glass-eyes Antik-Grau
Size: 18mm - 24mm 

Lauscher mouth-blown Designer Figure glass eyes from one of the best glass manufacturers from Lauscha/Germany. 
The Designer Figure reborn eyes from Lauscha were manually made exclusively for Atelier Wiesje. 
Through the use of special quality glass which gives a natural sparkle to the eye, they appear to be very lifelike! 

The eyes are made of massive glass and therefor won't break easily. 
Flat (halfround) massive eyes are also easy to set into the vinyl eye sockets. They can be set from the front side and do not have to be glued if the eye has the correct size and is set in the correct way. 

Antik-Grau is available in the following sizes: 
  • 18 mm 
  • 20 mm 
  • 22 mm 
  • 24 mm 
Select the size with the buttons below. 

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- Not available